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Mental health

We are proud of the work we do to support our students’ mental health and wellbeing, as recognised in our most recent Ofsted report.


We are committed to providing the highest quality educational experience resulting in academic success for our students and ensuring they go on to secure places at the very best universities and apprenticeships.

Myth busters

To help our students understand how they learn best, we have developed a series of educational myth busters


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All staff at TDMS have a basic understanding of #mentalhealth awareness. We also have staff who have undergone further training with Mental Health First Aid England #MHFA TDMS_Evesham photo
Wishing our Year 11 students all the best for their psychology exam this afternoon. We know you will do brilliantly. #ambition #commitment #LastExamBeforeHalfTerm #TDMSfamily TDMS_Evesham photo
Social media 'influencers' play an increasingly significant role in shaping the opinions, interests and behaviours of our young people. Influencer culture can present risks. It is vital to set sensible boundaries. Check out this useful guide for parents/carers. #safeguarding TDMS_Evesham photo
Year 10 were given the task of making a hollandaise sauce to accompany some locally grown asparagus. Hollandaise is a difficult sauce to make and takes a great deal of patience, our students did brilliantly!
Well done year 10.
#Eveshamsaparagus #creativity #TDMSfamily
TDMS_Evesham photo
This morning our brilliant Year 11 students will be sitting their physics exam! This afternoon students will be sitting sociology and computing exams. Sending them all lots of good luck, we know they will be amazing! #ambition #TDMSYear112023 #TDMSfamily TDMS_Evesham photo
Wishing our wonderful Y13s good luck for their Portuguese, Polish and psychology exams today! We have every confidence in you all and know you will do so well! #ambition #commitment #YouveGotThis #TDMSfamily TDMS_Evesham photo