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Remote Learning
Please click here for the latest remote education provision information for parents/carers (updated 23rd January 2021)
For IT Technicial Support, please click here where you will find some tutorials to help with remote learning

What work will my son/daughter be set?

Your son/daughter will be set work according to their timetable. Students should complete the tasks on the set day. All subjects, including Core PE, will set the following via Google Classroom:

  • Task instructions that detail what your son/daughter should do and by when
  • A voice-over PowerPoint so students can hear the teacher explain and model
  • Further resources, including video clips, quizzes and PDF files
  • Further tasks, some of which can be completed on screen and other tasks which can be completed off screen in either work books or exercise books
  • All students in Years 6-11 will receive work booklets to complete for their core subjects. The content and tasks in the booklet will support and link to their online learning but will enable students to complete work without additional screen time

  • All voice-over PowerPoints are quality assured by Heads of Faculty to ensure your son/daughter continues to have access to high quality teaching. Having a recorded explanation and modelling allows students to pause and rewind as necessary to aid their understanding. Students continue to have access to the voice-over PowerPoints after they have completed the tasks so that they can return to them at a later date should they need to. The voice-over PowerPoints also ease pressure on access to computers in the household as students can complete them at a time of their choosing.

    Students in Years 12 and 13 also have work set on Google Classroom. In addition, they also have live lessons on Google Meet, which is hosted through their Google Classroom. The lessons follow their timetable, mirror lessons in school and students receive the same teaching time as they would do normally. Live online lessons are recorded so should your son/daughter not be able to access them live, they can listen back at another time. Students can also use the recordings to listen back to the teacher explanation and modelling to support their understanding and aid with the completion of tasks.

    What homework will my son/daughter receive?

    Students in Years 7 to 10: In order to manage student workload, students will only be expected to complete the tasks that are set in Google classroom and in their printed work booklets.

    Students in Years 11, 12 and 13: Students will be set homework according to the normal homework policy through Google Classroom. Please see our policies page for further information.

    How will I know if my son/daughter has completed the work?

    Teachers will be checking your son/daughter's work on a daily basis. Data from this checking is collected centrally and will be used to inform your weekly tutor phone call. Your son/daughter's tutor, Head of learning or SIT (Senior Intervention Tutor) will let you know whether your son/daughter is completing their tasks and uploading completed work, uploading incomplete tasks, or not accessing the work at all. Text messages will also go out to keep you updated. How will my son/daughter receive feedback?

    This may consist of a photograph of their written tasks or an electronic document. It is essential that your son/daughter uploads their work so that their teacher can provide feedback to your son/daughter and ensure that subsequent lessons are amended to meet the needs of the students. Your son/daughter will receive regular feedback via Google Classroom, from their subject teachers in the following ways:

  • Personalised feedback using the personal messaging feature in Google Classroom
  • Whole class feedback via the class comment facility in Google Classroom
  • Whole class feedback via electronic document such as Word or PowerPoint. This will be attached to the class resources as a task to ensure your son/daughter goes back and improves their work

  • Guidance for students

    Working from home is not ideal and can sometimes feel very frustrating. There are a number of things that you need to do that will help make home learning easier.

    Before you start work

    Before you start your home learning, make sure you do the following:
    Eat your breakfast! Your brain is like an engine. If you don’t feed it, it won’t work properly.
    Find somewhere where you can work. It is important that you work in a space that does not contain any distractions. The better your focus, the easier work will be.
    Check your schedule and organise all the equipment and resources that you need.
    Pour yourself a glass of water or squash. Hydrating properly increases your concentration levels and helps you think more clearly.
    Put your phone in another room. Students who work in rooms with their phones achieve less than those who don’t.

    Google Classroom

    All your tasks for every day will be set as assignments on Google Classroom. You will be able to see your tasks for the day by logging into Google Classroom using your school email and selecting the right classroom.

    Remember you should complete all work according to your timetable by the deadline that has been set. You should not be leaving work to build up. Your teachers will tell you exactly what needs to be uploaded to Google Classroom so that teachers can see what you have done and provide you with feedback.

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