The De Montfort School
The De Montfort School
Unlocking Your Child's Potential
Associate Headteacher's Welcome
Our vision is that children at The De Montfort School will be happy, safe, healthy and successful. We believe that every child has unique and individual qualities and needs to feel valued, encouraged and challenged, building their self-belief and leading to their achievement. We take great pride in our ability to form strong relationships with students and families. It is only when we all work together that we will get the best out of every child.

We put great importance on the development of the whole child, academic qualifications are essential to us, but we also believe supporting students to develop a wide range of skills to enable them to be valued citizens of the future. At The De Montfort School, we feel that the educational journey is as important as the final destination.

We are an inclusive family school and welcome children of all abilities. We, therefore, pride ourselves on our ability to nurture and develop all our children. We recognise that many learners need extra support and guidance. Our provision of special and additional educational needs is excellent.

We have high standards for our students and expect excellent behaviour that allows all learners to work in an environment where they can thrive. We expect our students to be courteous, well presented and ready to learn when they come to school. Only with these high standards will we be able to get the best out of them.

Our motto is "Unlocking your child's potential", and we have five core values that underpin everything we do:

• The highest expectations and a genuine sense of pride
• Developing safe and healthy lifestyles
• Developing lifelong skills
• Respecting others
• Realising potential

I hope that our website gives you more of an idea about our vision and values and what is it like to be a student at The De Montfort School.

Stuart Weston
Associate Headteacher