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Message from the Head of Sixth Form, Miss Shepperd
As Head of Sixth Form, I would like to welcome you all. We are very proud of our past students' achievements and if you decide to join The De Montfort School Sixth Form and you are serious about your studies, then you will do as well here.

You have a choice about whether or not to continue with your education, or to move into training or employment. These are big decisions and it is important that you think very carefully about your next steps. Making the right choice at this important time of your life will help you to progress smoothly onto the next stage of your career. Choosing to continue your education at Sixth Form level will give you the chance to pursue your interest in a number of subjects to a higher standard. Sixth Form is also different from earlier schooling as you will experience greater freedom and, with that, responsibility.

As a Sixth Form student we want you to be able to realise your academic potential, whilst developing the personal and social skills which will equip you for life beyond further education. We also want to ensure you are given every support in planning your chosen route past Sixth Form education, whether it is to university or to full time employment. We aim to develop independent learners who understand the need to contribute, in order to meet the challenges of a changing world. Many of our students have gone on to achieve great success. For example, last year we had students gaining entry to Oxford University and other top 'Russell Group' institutions, and others successfully joining competitive apprenticeships. By studying with us you will develop the skills needed to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling future.

As a student in The De Montfort School Sixth Form you will be studying in an environment where staff care about your personal development and your academic progress. You will be a senior student in a thriving school, providing a positive role model to younger students, but also have a distinct Sixth Form identity and your own privileges and responsibilities. We focus on you as an individual: ultimately, we are interested in your success, on an individual basis!

We believe that in choosing to study with us you will be making the right choice.