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The De Montfort School
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At TDMS the art courses that are delivered across the school allow the students to develop as young thinking, sensitive, imaginative and reflective artists. They are, within a safe and supportive environment, encouraged to record, reflect, experiment and produce individual and personal pieces of art work; both in 2D and 3D. Their personal skills and expertise, using a wide range of media and techniques, are developed in carefully devised and coordinated range of courses within each of the key stages. The skills and independent working environment allow students to express thoughts, emotions, expressions, moods, atmospheres and philosophies through their work.

The act of creativity and using visual media gives a greater understanding and 'making sense' of the wider world. Critical thinking and analytical skills are also taught where students are exposed to the art work of other artists and craft persons. Here they are asked to analyse and fully appreciate the work through written and spoken critiques; by this they can then apply their knowledge and understanding to their own studies and work. These life skills are transferable and are valuable throughout life. Art can only be a positive enrichment for those who study this subject.
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