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The music department at The De Montfort School is a lively and thriving place full of energy and musical excitement. We have excellent facilities ranging from many different world music instruments to a Mac Suite at the high school campus.

Extra-Curricular The De Montfort School is well known for its high standard of extra-curricular music. We have a large Show Choir with over 60 members who perform regularly at different venues. We also have a large and exciting range of instrumental ensembles including the infamous Steel Pan Band, TDMS African Drummers, Samba Sensation, String Band and Show Band.

Instrumental Lessons Students at The De Montfort School can also take instrumental or vocal music lessons. Students can choose from a wide variety of instruments with 10 peripatetic music teachers who visit the school on a weekly basis.

Key Stages 2 and 3 All KS2 and KS3 students study for one lesson a week developing knowledge and understanding of a broad and exciting range of music from different historical periods, countries and genres as well as working creatively to develop key musical aspects such as performance on a variety of instruments, improvisation skills individual and group composition, musical understanding and listening skills.

Some of the topics we look at include; I've Got Rhythm, African drumming, A Trip to Indonesia, Film Music, Music for Film, Classical to Trance via Pachelbel and many more.

Key Stage 4 Students studying music follow the AQA Exam Syllabus. Students who opt to study music start the GCSE course in May of Year 9. Throughout the course students work to produce the following to submit for their GCSE:

- A Solo Performance (instrumental or vocal) - An Ensemble Performance (instrumental or vocal) - Two compositions - A written appraisal of their composition work - A one hour listening exam

Key Stage 5 In the sixth form, music students follow the OCR Exam Syllabus. This is a two year course divided into six separate units of work. Three are undertaken in Year 12 and three in Year 13. The following skills are developed throughout the course:

- Musical Performance - working towards an instrumental or vocal recital - Analytical Skills - focusing on listening and knowledge of a broad range of music - Composition Skills - looking at rules of harmony and composing original works
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