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Key Stage 2 Summary
In Year 6, pupils at Simon de Montfort Middle School have two lessons of Drama per fortnight. They will look at topics including teamwork, communication skills, working in role and creative thinking.

Key Stage 3 Summary
In Years 7 and 8 pupils have two lessons of Drama per fortnight and Year 9 pupils have one Drama lesson per fortnight. In each year group pupils study topics which form the basis of a spiral curriculum including Teamwork Skills, Communication Skills, Scene Building, Responding to text stimuli and performing to others. Each scheme also develops the PLTS skills.

Key Stage 4 Summary
Pupils can opt to study GCSE Drama at The De Montfort School and pupils who opt for this subject begin the course in May of Year 9. The AQA GCSE Drama specification is followed. In Year 10, pupils explore the genre of Naturalism and Stanislavksi's System of Acting. They complete practise assessments in both devising and scripted work. In Year 11, students study the work of Berkoff and Non-Naturalism for final assessments in scripted and devised performances. Practical coursework is performed live to an audience and examiner. Students then prepare for their final written examination based on scripted and devised work which they have completed throughout the course.

Key Stage 5 Summary
Students can opt to study A Level Drama at The De Montfort School. In Year 12, students work on two units: Unit 1 Exploration of Drama and Theatre involving the exploration of two set texts and the assessment of practical and written work; Unit 2 Theatre Text in Performance which involves the performance of either a monologue or duologue and a group piece during an externally assessed examination. In Year 13, students work on a further two units: Unit 3 Exploration of Dramatic Performance where students devise a piece of theatre based on a stimulus and practitioner which is internally assessed through preparation and performance and Unit 4 Unit 4 Theatre Text in Context which involves the study of a set text and a live theatre performance externally assessed as a written examination.

Further Information
For further information about the Drama curriculum, contact Miss S Palmer-Young, Subject Leader for Drama.
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