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Psychology A Level Psychology is constantly relevant, dynamic and endlessly fascinating. It is one of the most popular A Level subjects within the sixth form. Psychology is the study of behaviour and mental processes. It aims to understand how people think and what they do, as well as gaining an understanding of their deeper motivations. Psychology is important in terms of understanding any human activity.

AS Year
-Memory; Attachment; Research Methods
- Approaches to Psychology; Social Influence; Psychopathology (Mental illness)

A2 Year Topics will include those studied at AS Level as well as:
- Biopsychology
- Relationships
- Schizophrenia
- Forensic Psychology

A Level students will be assessed by written exam and end of unit revision tests throughout the year. While psychology is an established and popular subject for those who wish to study sciences, arts or humanities subjects at university. It also offers excellent career prospects in a range of areas including occupational, clinical, forensic and educational psychology. The skills you learn will also readily transfer to many other careers. These skills include oral and written communication, problem solving and the ability to carry out research designed independently.

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