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At The De Montfort School we believe that History has the power to inspire students' interest in all aspects of the past, as well as allow them to develop a number of useful skills that will be valuable both in and out of the workplace. The subject is highly regarded within a wide range of careers and should be particularly appealing to those who enjoy writing about their ideas, developing logical arguments and researching from a range of evidence. e ability to recognise and evaluate bias is a real skill and one which is uniquely developed in the history classroom. Our curriculum covers a very broad range of topics with British history providing the main focus for the course but other topics such as the Black Peoples of the Americas are studied as well as key periods of European and World History .The twentieth century and Britain's place in the modern world is a very important aspect of the course. We aim to bring the past to life and encourage students to think critically for themselves and develop their own views about the past.
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