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Health & Social Care
Students who prefer a 'hands on' approach to their learning will find this course extremely appealing. The course aims to develop the skills needed to work within Health, Social Care or Early Years. Students will have the opportunity to complete two work placements which will support their learning. Future career opportunities may include: teaching, social work, nursing, midwifery, child psychology and working with in all aspects of early years.

This course is suitable for students who enjoy independent student led learning as it requires students to develop and apply their skills of analysis, problem solving, research and synthesis in a work related environment. Students must have an interest in health, early years care, education and social care. Punctuality to lessons and regular attendance to all lessons is also required.

When choosing to follow this Applied A level, students are committing to complete two work related placements during the course. Where they will work with professionals in health, early years or social care. They must also be prepared to spend time outside of the classroom on developing their personal knowledge and understanding of the subject, completing any necessary research to support the completion of portfolios and meeting all the deadlines set.

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