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In September 2014 Food Technology in Key stage 3 had to re plan and structure the teaching of the subject in light of the new Design and Technology Curriculum changes. The Department has now adopted the new approach to teaching ‘ Cooking and Nutrition’, we have designed a new scheme of work and lesson plans to incorporate the new guidelines. The new Design and Technology Curriculum has introduced the following themes for us to cover:

§ Teaching students practical skills, which include a wide range of Savoury family based products.
§ The teaching of healthy eating – The Eat well plate, aswell as the nutritional content of foods/ingredients, all designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle and food choice.
§ To encourage the students to consider the origin of the ingredients they use, seasonality and British produce/ingredients.
Students in Key stage 3 will have a variety of theory led lessons and practical (making) lessons where we have designed an in house scheme of work to cover this content over the three years. Students are encouraged to complete self and peer assessments throughout the year, and act upon targets once they have completed written tasks. We encourage the students to become confident and independent within our subject area.

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