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English Language
The progress of our learners is supported through personalised planning and rigorous and accurate assessments which we use to diagnose and treat areas for development. We pride ourselves on the quality of our marking and feedback and enjoy being involved in learning dialogues as we love to witness progress. We encourage our learners to think independently, to question texts and the world around them and to consider alternative viewpoints. Ultimately, we want our students to succeed and derive a sense of fulfilment and pleasure from their learning in English across all key stages.

Communication is the key to all aspects of a healthy and successful life; but as well as providing our learners with a functional knowledge and understanding, the English Faculty seek to expose our students to a range of texts, from Shakespeare to breaking news. We embrace the creative elements of our subject and seek to make our learners aware of the links between regular readers becoming successful writers. We love using contemporary and popular texts as well as enduring classics and try to make English as relevant as possible. Our vision is that our learners will leave with a fully rounded experience of English, and that they are equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the future.
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