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The De Montfort School
Four Pools Road
United Kingdom
WR11 1DQ

Tel: 01386 442060
Public Enquiries
If you are a parent or member of the public and have any queries, please contact the school office.

Tel: 01386 442060
TDMS Sport Centre
Enquiries regarding the Sports Centre, please contact Mr J Cox.

Tel: 07881506156

We aim to respond to all queries, questions and concerns from parents/carers within two working days and resolve them within five working days. Parents/carers can contact the school in the following ways:

  • Send post to The De Montfort School, Four Pools Road, Evesham WR11 1DQ
  • Telephone the reception desk at 01386 442060
  • Telephone the 'Attendance Officer' at 01386 442060 Ext 205
  • Email enquiries to the school at or directly to the relevant member of staff in the table below. Please 'cc' the line manager. We would be grateful if emails were only sent to one member of staff. To ensure that this method of communication is used as efficiently and purposefully as possible, we will use the following protocols:
    • All emails will be responded to during working hours and within two working days, dependent upon the level of concern/nature of the concern. However, staff are not expected to respond to emails sent out of working hours. Out of working hours emails are classed as emails sent after 6.00pm and before 8.00am during the week or emails sent after 6.00pm on Friday evening and before 8.00am Monday morning.
    • If an issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily within a two email exchange (four in total), then a face to face meeting in school should be convened.
    • Staff are not expected to respond to an email deemed/perceived to be abusive or aggressive.
    • In some instances, a parent/carer may feel that an issue has not been resolved satisfactorily. However, the school retains the right to deem the matter closed where it feels due diligence has been afforded to the concern.
Heads of Learning
Year 6
Claire De Lancey
Year 7
Rob Hancock
Year 8
Jake Vallely
Year 9
Niall McKenna-Jones
Year 10
Alex Ballantine
Year 11
Ben Jones
Sixth Form
Elaine Sheppherd
Subject Areas
Tammie Scanlon
Mr J. Hopkins
Lee Lungley
Business Studies
Mr Hooley
Mr Hooley
Sociology, Psychology & Criminology
Elaine Clements
Rachel Hawtree

Food & Textiles Technology
Mr Ransted
Alex Jones
History, RE & Social Studies
Simon Jennings
Martin Goffe
Music, Drama Dance and Art
Charlotte Walden
Craig Stephens
Product Design
Mr Ransted
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