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Exam Stress

Exam Stress


Tests and exams in school inform teachers, parents, and students themselves about their academic progress and potential future pathways. But like any situation in which a person’s performance is being evaluated, the outcomes may feel very significant. So exams have the potential to be stressful.

It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety and, research shows, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Anxiety and stress cause the body to release adrenalin which can be helpful when responding to challenging situations. Stress will help students focus on preparing for, and then apply themselves during, the exam itself.

Too little stress can lead to students lacking the motivation needed to do well. Equally, too much adrenalin can lead students to feel distressed which can hinder performance. It is important that all students strike a balance between too little and too much anxiety.

We support students to manage anxiety about exams by:

  • Teaching specific revision and exam techniques
  • Provide support to challenge negativity and manage the physical symptoms of stress
  • Ensuring we enhance students reading ability