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The De Montfort School
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We are delighted to be offering a fantastic range of extra-curricular activities in the Autumn term across all year groups. Our drive for students to increase their attainment in lessons is going to be matched with what happens outside of the classroom. We are very aware that students have missed out on taking part in activities and socialising with their peers over the past 12 months and so moving forward extra-curricular will form one of the key ways in which we support our students post pandemic. Our extra-curricular programme is diverse and has a combination of additional curriculum-based subjects as well as a range of sports, arts and other activities.

Our aim is to immerse students in high culture on a daily basis and to ensure that we aren’t only raising aspirations, but also equipping students with the social and cultural capital to enable them to compete. It is about instilling knowledge, sparking curiosity, building confidence and broadening horizons.

Our extra-curricular offer will be updated every term throughout the year.

Extra-curricular activities

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