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Year 11


Welcome to this new area of our website, which will be used to host important information for our Year 11 students. The aim of this page is to bring together all the vital information that you will need to support you through your mocks, your Post-16 choices as well as your GCSE and BTEC assessments and examinations


Booster timetable
Sixth Form Options Booklet for 2021 Admission
Mock Exam timetable November to December 2020
Sixth Form Options Form

Google classroom codes

If we have a full or partial school shutdown, learning will be delivered though Google classroom. A complete set of Google classroom codes is shown in the table below:

11A/Ar1 Mrs C Dolan agrjvrm
11A/Bi1 Mr L R Lungley u7jrlp7
11A/Ch1 Mrs M E Clayfield u7jrlp7
11A/Cp1 Miss C J Morton q4asl5a
11A/Fr1 Mrs A Stanley a7rfzqq
11A/Gg1 Mr A C N Jones yelrvwe
11A/Hi1 Mr T J Dolan y3by2kc
11A/Mv1 Mrs S Wells gmzssmr
11A/Pc1 Miss R S Hughes bjklr63
11A/Ph1 Mrs T J Stanyer 3r4geke
11A/Sb1 Mr A D Ballantine vjircrm
11A/Sp1 Miss J Hurley 2iakdfo
11B/Ar1 Miss S C Harris agrjvrm
11B/Bs1 Mr P R Chapman ayrlse5
11B/Dr1 Mrs J E Johnson srs7z7c
11B/Dt1 Mr J S Ransted qlwsydc
11B/Hi1 Mr S M Jennings yc7vunf
11B/Md1 Ms S L Leonard w4rorqj
11B/Mu1 Mrs C Walden erqgahx
11B/Pg1 Mr A D Ballantine wxjzcmi
11B/Py1 Miss K E Green envqt2f
11C/Bs1 Mr J S Hooley dbwd4jc
11C/Dc1 Miss L R M Gunter uldahi3
11C/Dr1 Mrs J E Johnson 6eibpls
11C/Fd1 Ms C L Thomas oj3ipk2
11C/Gg1 Mr A C N Jones vzfk5u3
11C/Hc1 Miss S C Harris hpzkqxz
11C/It1 Mrs F Lovecy gswx2n4
11C/Md1 Ms S L Leonard w4rorqj
11C/Mu1 Mrs C Walden erqgahx
11C/Pc1 Mrs S A Wells xzhr6mr
11C/Sb1 Mr B M Jones ufv4irg
11p/Bi1 Mr L R Lungley jbifhcq
11p/Bi2 Mr P Newton n3aznpk
11p/Bi3 Mr G N Belfield aybepvt
11p/Bi4 Mr G N Belfield 5c7uzis
11p/Ch1 Mrs M E Clayfield smtd62o
11p/Ch2 Mr S Weston 4cn6yna
11p/Ch3 Mr R J Hancock a6nbg4d
11p/Ch4 Mrs A Griffiths doxpber
11p/En1 Miss T L Scanlon LITERATURE pdbfrte
11p/En2 Ms C A Herbert rk5jmym
11p/En3 Ms C A Herbert eu7evgq
11p/En4 Miss T L Scanlon 2qz4c3r
11p/Lx1 Mrs K R Lippett LANGUAGE 7yu6t5o
11p/Lx2 Mr J Vallely ue5gj6n
11p/Lx3 Mrs M J Causer exbtwzk
11p/Lx4 Ms S Howell tetoch4
11p/Ma1 Mr J Field i3ul43u
11p/Ma2 Mr N R Andrew stbrecq
11p/Ma3 Mr J Hopkins mt3ueev
11p/Ma4 Mrs R L Hawtree 6whdmsd
11p/Pe1 Mr M Sandell qb535iz
11p/Pe2 Miss R H Marriott qb535iz
11p/Pe3 Miss E M Shepperd qb535iz
11p/Pe4 Mrs L A Houghton qb535iz
11p/Ph1 Mrs T J Stanyer yua3zql
11p/Ph2 Mr R J Hancock rd4asrn
11p/Ph3 Mr R J Hancock bagtuux
11p/Ph4 Mr P Newton iyirqvh
11r/Bi1 Mr L R Lungley rc5aplr
11r/Bi2 Mr G N Belfield de2dtio
11r/Bi3 Miss N I E Mead iv6fzm6
11r/Ch1 Mr R J Hancock uoymaey
11r/Ch2 Mrs M E Clayfield 2str22q
11r/Ch3 Mr R J Hancock 7y6mqrn
11r/En1 Mrs M J Causer upu4qvl
11r/En2 Mrs R C Scholefield ryxqfqq
11r/En3 Mr J Vallely kr6wm20
11r/Lx1 Ms S Howell uk4i6aO
11r/Lx2 Ms Herbert og3hi4w
11r/Lx3 Mrs K R Lippett kr6wm2o
11r/Ma1 Mrs R L Hawtree o7coibi
11r/Ma2 Mr G Lewis w374w2h
11r/Ma3 Mr J Field nbr3jsn
11r/Pe1 Miss S J Hook qb535iz
11r/Pe2 Miss E M Shepperd qb535iz
11r/Pe3 Mr C Stephens qb535iz
11r/Ph1 Mrs A Griffiths jljf4t7
11r/Ph2 Mrs T J Stanyer c25vlau
11r/Ph3 Mrs A Griffiths 4e4y4gv