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Examinations 2022

Summer 2022 Examinations Information

Arrangements for exams and assessments are a little different this year from other years when exams have gone ahead. This is to take account of the disruption to education caused by the pandemic. This link explains what is in place to support you in taking exams and assessments. It also provides other information about this year's arrangements.

There is a package of support in place for all students taking GCSE, AS and A level qualifications this summer and is designed to be appropriate for the particular qualifications they are taking. Exam boards have published advance information for GCSE, AS and A Level exams to help you focus revision. It is published on their public websites, a summary can be viewed by following this link.

Students will be assessed on less content this year in GCSEs in English literature, history, geography and ancient history. Therefore, there is no advance information for these GCSE subjects. There is advance information for all other GCSE subjects. Exam boards have worked together to develop advance information that is appropriate for each subject and specification. There are differences in advance information between subjects and, in some cases, even between different exam boards' specifications in the same subject. The changes are summarised below:

  • GCSE mathematics: you will be given a sheet in the exams showing the formulae you might need to use so you don't have to memorise as much
  • GCSE physics or combined science: you will be given a sheet in the exams showing the equations you might need to use so you don't have to memorise as much. You can see what these formulae and equation sheets will look like on the exam boards' public websites
  • Science subjects: teachers have been allowed to be more flexible in the ways they teach practical skills
  • Subjects with non-exam assessment (for example, dance, design and technology, drama, food preparation and nutrition, music and PE): Changes have been made so the assessments could be completed despite restrictions caused by the pandemic
  • GCSE, AS and A level art and design: you will be assessed on your portfolio only - you will not need to complete a task set by the exam board

Subject leaders have written an easy to read outline of the GCSE topic areas that you no longer need to revise as they have been identified by the exam board as not being assessed in the exams. This information can be found here.

It is a little more complicated for A Level subjects, please see the individual exam board websites for each subject details. Exam boards for each subject can be found here.

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